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Yoli Viviana Sanchez

Family Support Service Coordinator

(760) 337-6530 ext. 2319

What is a Community School?

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Community School Partnership Program


Our purpose is to educate and empower our community so that we create confident leaders and learners.

Community School Vision

Heber Elementary School District (HESD) commits to being a “hub” that aims to bring a “community of schools” together to improve the lives of our students and families at Dogwood Elementary and Heber School.

Mission Statement

Improve access and equity in the delivery of services and expand participation in evidence-based programs as part of a collaborative network of community.

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  • Parent engagement.

  • Advisory committee.

  • Enhancing relationships between families and teachers.

  • Parent and community meetings.

  • Needs Assessment.

  • Form collaborations with key partners.

  • Constant communication with families and the community.

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